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5 ways science and technology has change the world

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5 way of how science and technology has change the world good day here we would be discussing on how sciencetechnology change the world

Firstly what is science

according to google science is the intellectual and pratical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of physical,spiritual and natural world through observation and experiment. It takes you time to define that right? When we talk of science it combine many things all together you can say it is :
  • chemistry
  • biology
  • nature
  • astrology
  • behaviour
  • research
  • since it combines all about what is technology

    Technology is simply the application of scientific knowledge. We can simply say technology and science works and goes together. Am i correct?

    how has it change the world

    we would be going through ways science and technology have change the world 1.advancement. 2.improvement 3.bringing more knowledge And being that it has done so much good to human live it has also brought it own disadvantages

    advantages of science and technology

  • ease
  • you don"t have to walk from here to a long distance anymore you just board a taxi and ride on! Taking a look at a drone you would know what we are talking about taking a look at a robot you would understand better all it is taking a look at a laser you would surely understand what it is used for with it advantages it also come with some disadvantages

    Disadvantages of science and technology

    now up to you what are the disadvantages of science and technology?



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