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Caution! This is another way facebook hackers get access to your facebook account

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caution!: this is how facebook hackers get access to your account

another way hackers hack facebook
just as many people have become popular on facebook that is how many who are not yes known are looking around for Facebook account to hack

and once you fall as a victim you have to go with your account

facebook has launched a profile guard but that is only for the India for now

what other way do hackers now use in hacking others account

but this is another way hackers use to hack accounts

The method facebook hackers use in hacking account are many

but this is one method which they use now and it work much that you may think

guys that like sexy pictures are the most targeted

or you may be planning to make a journey to the united state of American

they would send you a message like: Do you want t travel to the US this is your opportunity click link to sign up

or the message shows: to see my other sexy pictures click the link below and you are being trapped to there net

the link below is one of the link they can send to you which once you click through you would be ask to login your facebook account again without you login out yet


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