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How to refer someone to nnu real or fake(make money faster)
06-10-18 (15:32)
just as you know have you can"t withdraw unless you have gotten people even minimum of two people to
here i would show you how to refer in nnu i was being registered by someone else and am much sure that the person would have his own share as agreed by the site
how to register somebody on nnu *before you would know how to register someone to John nnu income program there are amazing things you must know how to do* you are focusing on this

you are the one hindering your self from having referral from nnu income program
NOTE: if you are not yet a member of the nnu income *you can be a member* if you are already one then how do you get referral to the nnu income platform *
To start with you would be thinking of bringing people (more than ten people) to join nnu income program
But wait
Would it be easy to bring people to that said income program
Yes,even if there are many other online money making platform in nigeria today.
But how can that be since there are other income program like:
Wakanda income program
And Which you would be getting hints on how to make referrals and increase your earning faster here we start
You can bring someone to join nnu income program by doing the following
1. letting friends know 2.
creating a facebook and whatapp and adding people you tell about it
3.telling peoples at bet9ja shops
4.through internet
Do this help
Then share
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